advertising and informative pillars

advertising and informative pillars

Advertisina and informative pillars from company EUROmodul are installed as part of the street furniture of each urban center. Advertising units are designed and produced as:

  • INFORMATIVE PILLARS WITH FIXED POSTERS (unexposed, non illuminated)
  • BILLBOARD WITH ATM, ATM, possibly also with info kiosk
  • INFORMATION COLUMN WITH CLOCK; time, date and temeperature

Advertising is present on almost all products of our company. Illuminated advertising pillars with integrated CITY LIGHT advertising are standard in the most areas of ​​urban centers.

Lighting - fluorescent or LED

The lighting is usually made with fluorescent lighting (fluorescent lamps) which proved to be the best as long as the optimal combination of the dispersion of light on advertising spaces, perfect to background built lamps, not to see milky acrylic positioned inbetween. EUROmodul has a long-standing production and monitoring trends of advertising. The desire of agencies and their clients come to the optimal ratio of electricity consumption and dispersion of light (lux), which provides an ideal background illumination of advertisements.

All types of advertising showcases (City Lights) can be installed with LED backlight shed light with the total consumption of approximately 80W with the same intensity of light neon / fluo whose consumption is 232W.

Dispersion in fluorescent and LED lighting is not the same, and the lighting can not be easily replaced without adaptation of the whole display case for a new form of lighting. Although often leads to energy savings as LED lighting today are the leading of the industry, the choice is not always optimal, depending on the locations where they are applicable.

Construction materials

Advertising showcases are made with quality materials such as:

  • stainless steel - inox
  • galvanized steel, powder-coated in RAL color of individual choice

Custom made individualisation

We offer the possibility of production of individual and personalized types. In collaboration with the creative department of EUROmodul design studio, we can create visualizations, prototypes and provide quality for final product. We are able to produce according to your preference: design, sizes and colors.

Installation on different substrates

A billboards can be installed on different substrates.
Most often it's made wiht anchors that are structurally calculated according to wind zones from location where the cabinet sets.