Modular buildings and containers -

Modular buildings and containers -

EUROmodul container system

In production of containers we use the most advanced zinced steel and thermal-insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool, IPN, etc) and materials of the facade by specific requirements of investors. Please contact us with confidence because we are a leading manufacturer of all types of container and container structures in Croatia and Serbia and the region with annual production up to 5000 pieces and export to the EU, Russia, the Middle East countries and Africa.

Application: Containers are mostly in construction and as a residential standard container or containers are manufactured according to specific projects of investors.

Containers are often used as:

  • Office containers for construction sites or as a multi-year temporary facility / office container
  • Housing single container or container housing settlements, kindergartens, schools ...
  • Pack containers for installation in remote locations
  • Storage containers, warehouse containers
  • Sanitary containers or as a public toilet facilities
  • Ambulatory containers or permanent facilities clinics, health centers ...
  • The kitchen containers for construction sites
  • Special containers for mobile or fixed telephony, radio links, transmitters, etc.
  • Mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, bars, etc.

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