Outdoor stands for sales of souvenirs, fruits, newspapers, etc...

Outdoor stands for sales of souvenirs, fruits, newspapers, etc...

Multipurpose stands, representatives of the new generation of street furniture, have the following characteristics:

  • Stands are multipurpose exposure and sale of goods as fruit and vegetables, clothing and footwear, jewelry, souvenirs, books, printing ..

This versatility provides the dimensional adjustments and various equipment, sales tables, cabinets and shelves, hangers, baskets, racks, and all kinds of goods according to sale needs. Stands fit in the structure of cities, including the historical town centres, primarily because they represent an mobile unit with the possibility of choice of colors and materials such as stainless steel, glass , aluminum, polycarbonate, with acrylateom panel laminates, etc.

Stands can be used for permanent use, such as at markets and other cities planned according to location.Also, they are suitable for occasional sales during holidays and events, such as foldable and easy to carry storage when not in operation.
Stands provide a modern and rational way, direct exposure and sale of goods.

Upon completion of the work, the goods remain in stand and is exposed to visible if wanted.
For fruits and vegetables it‘s possible to install a cooling unit. Stands are set up individually or in groups connected by 2 - 4 - 6 individual salepoints.

Each retail outlet takes 2 to 3 m2 urban surfaces, disposal 10m2 with sales of exhibition spaces. Stands provide the protection of buyers, sellers and goods from weather conditions.

Multipurpose stands form construction which makes it difficult or impossible to break, and various forms of damage. If stand uses fenol panels or stainless steel, stands become antigrafiti. Line of multipurpose, patented stands EUROmodul was rewarded with gold plaques:

  • on IENI (Nurnberg, Deutchland) 1997. and EUREKA (Brussel, Belgium) 1999.

In normal use and maintenance, the predicted lifetime of multipurpose stands is 20 years. Service and spare parts are provided for the manufacturer for 10 years.Manufacture warrenty is 12 months.