security lodges and border crossing modular objects

security lodges and border crossing modular objects

EUROmodul porters and security lodges manufactured by application and specification of the project.

  • lodges for access control - exit vehicles and pedestrians
  • pay toll controll lodges
  • porter's lodge for guards
  • porter's lodge for the needs of other services

prefabricated porters and security lodges

The advantages of prefabricated concierge - guard conciege are different among them are lightweight aluminum or steel construction that enables easy moving between locations as needed.

interior equipment

Lodges equipping depends on the function and location of the installation. EUROmodul performs complete interior design according to the required specification; furniture, electrical, air-conditioning, distribution of computer and telephone networks, etc ...

EUROmodul installed porters and security lodges on pass borders of ex yougoslavia ( Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc...)