Automatic self - cleaning and classic public toilets -

Automatic self - cleaning and classic public toilets -

Exploring new frontiers, most of the things has been done. Most of the things have been achieved. Most of the goals have been set. So they say, where others tend to stop, we tent to move. We are not afraid to be the leaders of ingeniosity. Every day we create something new.
We question everything, all over again, from the start. We are those who break new ground, investigate new concepts, make new perceptions.

Automated public toilets or automatic self cleaning public toilets exterior and interior design is adopted to modern or traditional urban centres, with various colour possibilities or patterns.

Washing, desinfection and drying of the toalet seat is completely automatic. Floor cleaning is done automatically after each or programmed use.

Each APT - autometed public toilet depends on the habits of users in each country.

Over 8 years of constant testing made what we now think is the best solution with selfcleaning public toilets.

Desinfector is patented system, the heart of selfcleaning toilets. Jets of water are used to wash toilet seat and cleans all residues. This is mechanical peration. Water is then treated with special detergent called CLEAN CONQUEST which produces chemical operation. Toilet seat dryer uses pressuirised air to completly clean water residues and dryes toilet seat.

Unit desinfects the seat and prepare it for safe usage.

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