ATM and info kiosks

ATM and info kiosks

ATM cases (also called ATM kiosks) combine several advantages:

  • protection of the ATM machine from weather conditions: sun, rain
  • user protection from weather conditions: sun, rain
  • protection of user privacy (protection of personal PIN numbers from foreign views)
  • increased protection of ATMs - from vandalism, burglary, robbery
  • adequate equipment ventilation (heating, cooling)
  • additional surface illuminated or non-illuminated for advertising and information (City Light)
  • attractive kiosk design
  • possibility of integrating other services - info kiosks, telephone, tray of used clothes (Caritas), etc.

ATM kiosks with individual adjustments

Each housing is adapted to the individual ATM that is installed.

ATMs vary in

  • ATM dimensions (height, width, depth)
  • charge mode and serviceability (front, rear)

Each enclosure is uniquely adapted to the bank / customer, it is possible to add additional information on enclosure as digital clock, date and temperature