Ecologic waste collectors for secondary raws

Ecologic waste collectors for secondary raws

Ecological waste collectors - glass, paper and plastic

With it‘s basic purpose, diversified waste collectors are in harmony with ecological requests. Our waste collector for paper, glass and plastic is characterised with woterproofness - rain doesn‘t wash waste which could harm pubblic places.


Collector‘s surfaces can be used for information or adverising purposes. For which waste is collector intended is shown by its colour, symbols and texts. Oprening segment can be the same or can vary in size in base of collector‘s use. Collector can vary in details, dimensionally and by elements of hardness according to its volume content. Levelling pedestals facilitate collector‘s placing in twart locations. Raised in this way, collector is airy and doesn‘t attract animals. advantages in relation to plastic containers:

  • fire proof (doesn‘t deform, doesn‘t support fire)
  • warrenty (up to 10 years)
  • resistance to UV beams, acts of vandalism
  • easy surface maintenance
  • resistace to atmospheric influences (metallic containers are resistant to freezing, unlike plastic ones)
  • proper visual feeling (using stainless steel and rounded lines, integrating on present urban furniture - Euromdul bus shelters, Euromodul City Lights, etc.)
  • easy handling and emptying with two hooks


Collectors have 10 years warrenty in condition of normal use and maintenance.

Safety of street underground on ground - waste collectors for 

Metal container is not inflammable, and it‘s closed almost impermeably - so it‘s content hardly burns - even carton or paper. Fire resistance is of major safety importance in urban centres. Researches show us that in 10 - 15% of all containers in parks are victims being deliberately lihhted as part of vandalism.

Our noncombustible containers are vital safety factor of all urban centres.

Tests from quality research institution verify that container meets all safety and functional requests and declared caracteristics.