Flag poles for streets, squares, companies...

Flag poles for streets, squares, companies...

Flag poles are part of EUROmodul street furniture collection, designed to fit into a different architecture of urban centers, squares, parks, shopping centers, company headquarters. EUROmodul manufacture flag poles with or without swivel mechanism which protects the flag from the wind.

stylish and alternative flag poles design

Flag poles are characterized by modern design and quality materials such as:

  • stainless steel - inox
  • galvanized steel - powder-coated in RAL color of individual choice
  • acrylate (cover canopies)
  • aluminum, tempered - safety glass, with fluorescent and LED lighting (in combination with ad showcases)

The components found on EUROmodul flag poles are well matched to the size and expected use. Some of flag poles component designs have become standards in the industry. This speaks highly for our products. As the flagpole heights increase to higher measuers, we provide static calculation and even stronger components for manufacturing process.

  • Flag poles can be combined with advertising, flower bins (pots) and advertising vitrines - City Lights

Flag poles manufaturing

EUROmodul design formulas for production quality of flag poles is using the relationship between flagpole height, base diameter and foundation thickness which take into consideration the components of the flagpole, flag, and the nature of wind gusts or speed.