We are proud of our long experience, the quality of our products and thousands of successfully completed projects. Here are some of them...

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Last projects

Kiosk for Post Croatia,Supernova,Zadar

EUROmodul produced a Croatian post office building, located in the SUPERNOVA shopping center in Zadar, with the aim of expanding sales and customer accessibility.


Custom made booking office "Zaton holiday resort"

For the needs of the Zaton Holiday Resort, the EUROmodul has been designing, producing and installing a model booking office for the newly built Miniature Golf and Felt Golf Course, as part of the Zaton Holiday Resource Park activity, which is the "Tourist Hotel" of the highest quality camp in Croatia.


Automatic public toilet MEGANOVA-Portugal

The EUROmodul produced a unique automatic toliet MEGANOVA  according to the requirements of the state of Portugal.New project made for Portugal is automatic toilet equiped with automatic sliding doors allow touch free entry and leaving toilet room space using sensors, floor washing with high pressure nozzles.


Good design makes a product useful.

Since most of the toilet objects or cabins fits individual, specific needs for specific location, there are limitless possibilities what can be made, optimised or changed.Each toilet is therefore initially discussed and on the end 'tailor made' for individual project, individual location, specific use.

The modular container for new interior look NEOSTAR

The EUROmodul produced a unique custom-made exhibition container according to the requirements of the NEOSTAR-Zubak autopilot, and is designed for better sales and presentation of new vehicle fleets.

Auto Zubak d.o.o., a company founded with the vision of creating a complete experience in the automotive industry, deals with the sale and maintenance of motor vehicles and is authorized to sell and service the Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi and AutoZubak Neostar service for all vehicle brands and sale of used vehicles.

Post IT self-service postal unit

EUROmodul has been designing an installation facility for Slovenia Post Office in Ljubljana, at the parking  of the Lidl store in Rudnik shopping center.For easier and faster access to food products in the outdoor unit, customers are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, access to selected postal and banking services, customer service with PS vending machine packs, ATM and New KBM of selected Pharmacy products in Ljubljana.