Custom made booking office "Zaton holiday resort"

14.11.2017. 13:51:38

For the needs of the Zaton Holiday Resort, the EUROmodul has been designing, producing and installing a model booking office for the newly built Miniature Golf and Felt Golf Course, as part of the Zaton Holiday Resource Park activity, which is the "Tourist Hotel" of the highest quality camp in Croatia.


Custom made booking office "Zaton holiday resort"

The facility is manufactured and equipped individually in EUROmodul 7 meters long and 3 meters wide for sale of miniature golf, tennis, archery and adventure golf.

Because of the immediate proximity of the sea, only hot zinc steel was used for the basic construction of the kiosk, which is derived from the EUROmodul of steel profiles.

Steel construction kiosk coloring at customer's request. Front open side kiosks, with the entire length, is closed with a zinc-plated plastificated wrap on a mechanical engine. The thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofs is made of polyurethane panels and the facade is finished with impregnated wooden moldings painted in white and yellow .

Kiosk construction

Construction: steel, zinc-coated (according to customer's request).

Floors: PU insulation, ceramic board with ceramic tiles

Walls: polyurethane panels

Roof / Pillar: Perlinium sheet, ensures the leakproofness and polyurethane panel.

Electrical installation: executed according to the request of the client.

The above object after the construction can be performed according to the dimensions and equipment according to the request of the client.